Union SMP was the predecessor to this server and it was created in November of 2022. To explain how the last server ended and this one started, it all goes back to June of 2023. Union SMP was a well liked server by the people who played on it and lasted for eight months. The lead admin on the server actually played often and kept the server functional while also not making any big decisions. That admin was going to update the server to 1.20 once all the plugins on the server got updated to that version. Unfortunately, a few days before that was set to happen the server owner pulled the plug on the server one random night with him also deleting the discord simultaneously. We were unable to get a world download until many months later, so we decided to create a new server. The first week of this server was hectic to say the least as the entire server was work in progress, however, it has emerged to be a strong and community lead server. This server's staff is unaffiliated with the previous servers staff, please do not try to contact them.

Chat rules

This applies to server chat and the discord

  1. Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment will be tolerated.
  2. Swearing is allowed.
  3. No spam or self-promotion.
  4. No age-restricted or NSFW content.
  5. Use English in all discord channels and in chat.

Minecraft rules

  1. Do not make annoying claims.
  2. Harassing and bullying players is not allowed.
  3. Griefing and lavacasts are not allowed, damaging wilderness, stealing items, and unclaimed valuable blocks is allowed.
  4. Stealing from graves is not allowed besides with obituaries and player heads.
  5. When building near a different players claim, you should try and let them know.
  6. No using cheats, x-ray, or exploits.
  7. Minor duping such as carpet and sand duping are allowed.